Historic Photograph Comes To Light

A priceless piece of Brisbane Apollo Male Choir history has surfaced, 87 years after it was originally produced. This sepia photo of the 1930 choir’s 46 members was graciously provided by the daughter of singer Arthur Goldsbrough – pictured on the rear-most riser, fifth from the left.

At the time of the portrait the choir was known as the Brisbane Apollo Club, having changed its name from the original Brisbane Liedertafel (song table) in 1916. Conductor Leonard Francis (front row, fourth from left) would lead the choir until 1936 when Percy Brier (front row, sixth from left) picked up the baton. Then President T.E. Jones is seated in the armchair between the two.

The photo was taken by the Queensland staff of noted portraiture specialist Sidney Riley Studios, which operated from 1911 until 1946 out of offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

The Brisbane Apollo Male Choir would like to thank Clare Faragher for providing this image. We would be very interested to hear from anyone else with images or recollections from the choir’s rich 132-year history.

A searchable list of the members pictured is included below.

Back Row - C.W. Edmunds, J.R. Cooksley, W. Major, W.D. Dix, A.J. Goldsborough, C.F. Brimson, J. Foley, J.W. Vokes, T. Murphy

Fourth Row - A.G. Winfield, G.R. Noakes, E.L. Edmunds, A. Ingham, A. Campbell, D. McLennan, N.D. Holt, F. McGhie, M.W. Gibbon

Third Row - T. Dunue, T.T. Davies, A.G. Steele, J.R. Adams, H.F. Tinley (Auditor), H.J. Gilroy, A.R. Bradley, W. Cox Horan, G. Whillans

Second Row - H.H. Smith, A.T. Edwards (Committee), G.R. Patten (Auditor), B.P. Sanders (Librarian), L.H. Muller (Secretary), C.P. Morgan (Secretary), R.D. Pollack (Treasurer), H.G. Mitchell (Committee), C.G. May (Committee), T. Kelleher

Front Row - R.B. Curd (Patron), W.G. Duncan (Vice-President), A. Faulkner (Vice-President), Leonard Francis (Conductor), T.E. Jones (President), Percy Brier (Deputy Conductor), H.D.S. Forbes (Vice-President), Les. Eye (Vice-President), W.A. Black (Chairman Committee)